Whether you have a full day at work and don’t want to leave your pooch home alone, or a social event which means you will be out the house longer than you'd like – doggy day care is the answer!


Daycare can be great socialisation for dogs. A safe environment to build friendships and confidence, and for the pups it can be a great tool in learning to play, behaviour and doggy language. 


Throughout the day we play, walk, snooze and play! Things such as scent games, agility, tug, ball pit, paddling pool, tunnels, woodland walks, lake walks, basic training such as sit, stay, paw and much more.


Daycare operates Monday to Friday 7am - 6pm.


Going on holiday and hate the thought of leaving your dog? You are not alone! Poochies is a home from home.

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Make your wedding day extra special with a visit from your fur baby!

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