Going on holiday and hate the thought of leaving your dog? You are not alone! Poochies is a home from home. 

Dogs who board will have the chance to socialise Monday to Friday with our daycare packs, enjoy 2 walks a day, and if their stay falls over our adventure walk weekends they will get to explore the Peak District or the beach with us too. 

All boarding dogs get full roam of the house and sleep where ever they desire, though you must warn them that I snore!

We have beds in every room as well as water bowls upstairs so if they want some space they are welcome to take themselves out of daycare for a quiet snooze.


Whether you have a full day at work and don’t want to leave your pooch home alone, or a social event which means you will be out the house longer than you'd like – doggy day care is the answer!

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Make your wedding day extra special with a visit from your fur baby!

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