Frequently asked questions

Where will my dog sleep?

We tend to stick to board dogs home routine, whether that is in a crate at night or free run of downstairs. Even if hes a co sleeper we will accommodate!

What do I bring for boarding?

I always ask for you to bring food, either with a measuring cup or bagged up into meals. A bed or blanket with familiar scent from home and a favourite toy. Lead, collar with name tag and any medication.

What if my dog doesnt settle?

If you have worries then I can offer either a free half day or half price boarding for 1 night to give peace of mind. Even the most timid of dogs come out of their shell with reassurance and patience. IF I deem it an issue then I would recommend a boarder with 1-1 care.

Is my dog allowed off lead?

In my contract I have a section giving me permission for free running. If this is not declared then the dog will stay on lead. 

What if my dog becomes ill?

Any dog in my care will have a vetinary release form. This gives me permission off you to take the dog to the vet if you are not contactable. 

I'm not sure you're the right person for my dog.

Not everyone is a perfect fit. I will always recommend other local daycares and boarders within the area who I work closely with. Please do not feel pressured. A meet and greet is put in place prior to any booking purely for this purpose. Always book a meet with 3/4 others boarders and go away to think about the best fit for you dog.