Frequently Asked Questions

We try to offer a complete home experience and cater for dogs who sleep in crates, on the sofa or upstairs with us. Please let us know if your pooch requires anything special and we will try to accomodate as best we can.

Some dogs settle straight away and don't give a second glance back at their owners, but some do need a little bit of encouragement. If you have a nervous dog or maybe you as an owner are abit nervous about leaving them we can arrange half days or full days daycare sessions building up to a stay. This helps to build confidence and trust. If you would like a trial night this can also be arranged.

Prior to your pooches stay you will fill in an extensive veterinary release form. This gives me your permission to take your dog to the vet to get emergency treatment if the situation arises. I am canine first aid trained so can administer first aid on scene if needed.

I will always endevour to get in touch with yourself and your emergency contact prior to any treatment. If neither can be contacted I will of course still make sure your pooch recieves the best care at your own vets or the closest practice if I feel that is the better and quickest option for emergency care.

I have a fully equiped van with 4 large crates and an extra large area for the big boys and girls.

I have a mesh bulk head so I can see and talk, (and sometimes sing) to the dogs whilst we are travelling. Each crate has anti slip vet bedding for comfort and cool mats for the warmer days.

Dogs from the same household may travel together in the same crate/area.

Boarding dogs must bring their own food with them for the entire duration of their stay. Changing a dogs food can upset their tummies so I find this is the best option. 

On the booking forms it states if your dog is allowed treats/titbits and if they have any known allergies. We make alot of our own treats here at Poochies, especially in Summer with fruity pupcicles, so this allows me to give your dog treats with your permission.

We are so lucky to have some amazing walks only a short drive from Poochies HQ. Our favourite being Gravelly Hollow in Calverton, as well as it being the closest walk it is also super quiet so 9 times out of 10 we dont see anybody else for the whole walk!

We also go to Bestwood Country Park, Blidworth Bottoms Woods, Sherwood Pines, Railway Lake in Hoveringham, Newstead and Annesley Country Park and many more!


For our adventure walks which we try to do one Sunday a month, we travel to different places in the Peak District. 

We have walked areas such as Longshaw Estate, Carsington Water, Lumsdale Falls, Goyt Valley, Mam Tor and Castleton.

We have plenty of activities to keep the dogs entertained at home. I do love a scent game and I am constantly trawling Pintrest for new ideas to try. 

I have mental stimulation toys like puzzle games, tippy cups, snuffle mats and licky mats. 

There are boxes of toys that are always available including balls, soft toys and ropes. 

Outside we have a ball pit, tunnels, water play for when its hot as well as a plastic childrens house to explore and jump on. 

Each room has a dog bed and dogs are encouraged to use them, though most choose to snooze on the sofa. 

All dogs are fed seperately to eliminate the risk of any food aggression, this also goes for scent games that are played. 

During daycare sessions dogs are not left alone at all from 7am until 6pm. 

Outside of these hours dogs may be left for short periods of time once they are settled. 

This helps not create any seperation anxiety upon your return and keeps a familiar routine in the dogs life.

The maximum time dogs will be left is 2 hours. I have a doggy cam which I can check regulary and any sign of distress I can return home immediately. 

In the unfortunate event where an emergency arises and I have to leave the dogs I will first contact another local boarder. I work closesly with 3 local daycares and boarders who know most of my packs. If they arent able to help at Poochies and my emergency means I wont be able to look after your dog for the remainder of your holiday, I will contact yourself or your emergency contact to see what you'd prefer me to do, either board your dog out to another boarder or to send your dog to your emergency contact. 

I have worked with dogs for 8 years now. I started as a volunteer foster Mum for Spanish Stray Dogs (SSD). I only took in dogs who were struggling in the kennels and needed that extra bit of care. Ellik was my first foster boy, a Dalmation cross who suffered from Leishmaniasis - a parasitic disease caught from sand flies. He is now living in Birmingham with his new family. I have foster dogs adopted all over the country from Gerena who was adopted in Scotland to Tomillo who was adopted in Cornwall. My last foster girl Dulzura was adopted in December 2019. I was so close to keeping her but she went to an amazing home in Kent with 3 other fur siblings.Working with these dogs, who are mainly street dogs or used to bait is the most rewarding thing in the world. Showing them love and compassion for the first time in their lives, building their confidence and watching them learn to trust makes my heart swell out my chest! If I could do it full time I would, but like many volunteers who work with rescues, we use our own money to feed and look after them and its just not financially feesable. Poochies is the next best thing, getting to spend my whole day with dogs who I adore!   To be the proud owner of a daycare and boarding license I also have to undergo extensive scrutiny by a governing body who works by DEFRA regulations. They then take their findings back to a board who sit down and decide if my standards of practice are good enough to work with dogs. All boarders should have a license by law, and without one they could be uninsured and have the dogs removed from their care. I am also canine first aid trained and can administer oral and inject-able medication.

Unfortunately this is not a straight forward question. 

I am not allowed to board any illegal breeds such as Pit Bulls or any crossbreeds of illegal breeds that bare similar size or characteristics.


I also insist on proof of vaccinations or a recent titre test that shows good results. I need a copy of these to keep with your paperwork.


Any dog that shows any kind of aggression will be asked to be picked up immediately and unfortunately not allowed back. This is to protect my other dogs, and not allow a situation to escelate into an attack. 


Shy/timid dogs are welcome as sometimes the socialisation of being with other dogs can help with confidence building, but it can also make them more withdrawn. In which case I will contact you immediately and offer advice for 1-1 boarders and behaivourists. 


Dogs MUST be sociable and be comfortable around children.

At the moment all new dogs will not be having the usual meet and greet in the house. 

Meet and greets will be carried out on a walk, ideally in the day so I can see how the dogs socialise. A video message can be sent via email or WhatsApp showing you around Poochies and where your dog will be staying. 

I will be using my own leads to reduce the risk of transfering germs and dogs are being sprayed with leucillin on entry. 

All other cleaning protocols are staying the same and can be seen in our standards of practice folder which is available to view at anytime.